Memories of a pilgrimage to Delphi, Greece
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Delphi, The Oracle at the Temple of Apollo

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Zeus had two eagles fly together from the corners of the world. They met here at Mt. Parnassos, Delphi. 

Zeus declared this the center of the Universe.  Recent archeology has found that two fault lines meet and cross right beneath the temple!

Here the temple of Apollo was constructed.  It housed the famous Oracle of Delphi. It was first built in 650 BCE.

From the 14th to 11th century B.C. the deity worshiped in Delphi was mother earth Gaia or �Ge�.

From the 11th to 9th century B.C. the worship of Apollo became established at Delphi. Now six Doric pillars stand where 24 once were erected.

Apollo appear to sailors as a dolphin and led them to the nearby shore; hence the name Delphi. "Delphis" is also Greek for womb - referring back to the center of the Earth.
A closer view of the 3400 year old stone structure. 

The walkway leading into the temple.

One of two views of the floor plan and six remaining pillars.

The second of two views of the floor plan and six remaining pillars.
This is the stadium at Delphi. It seats 5,000 and one of the three useable stadiums of antiquity.

The remains of the benches surrounding a field for Olympic-like completion at Delphi.

The competition track at Delphi showing some of the bleachers.
A beautiful overview of the temple of Apollo and Mt. Parnassos. The chamber where the Oracle (Pythia) sat is to the far right of the structure.

  The fault lines mentioned above actually cross exactly below the Oracle's chamber.  It is now thought that Plutarch, the Greek biographer (80 CE), was correct in stating that a sweet gas (pneuma) was present in the chamber and that the Pythia inhaled this gas, probably ethylene.